New Requirements for Authoring SCIP Notification

With the advent of SCIP, the database used by the EU to track the use of REACH substances of very high concern(SVHC), has come changes to the process of disclosure and reporting for your articles. Chief among the changes are new data elements required by SCIP in authoring your data. This blog serves to introduce these new data requirements and provide references to where these details may be found.

When authoring data for SCIP, there are some foreign data points that may not be familiar to those who typically assess for and disclose REACH SVHC usage. To start, European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has published SCIP Notification Requirements. They can be found here. Note that the Identifier column will be the category required for the particular materials and mixtures. This is typically a 5 digit code that informs on the material or mixture that contains the SVHC.

Upon review of the requirements, you will find that there may be a need to disclose elements such as a material or mixture category. These categories are published and maintained by ECHA. The most recent SCIP Picklist information file is found here

A TARIC code is required in order to classify your top-level article. This may be something your organization already has if it is importing to the EU. However, a wide array of products are applicable to the TARIC code. In order to determine your product’s relevant code, please consider the Trade Assistant provided by the European Commission’s Trade Helpdesk. Enter your country of origin and the country of destination. You will be brought to a list of categories and corresponding TARIC codes.

QPoint has a solution in place for SCIP. Our customers can author via system to system integration with the SCIP database. This automates the submission process and provides an easy to use mechanism to capture updates to SCIP notification based upon supplier and component changes, REACH SVHC updates, and any other change that would trigger a SCIP Notification update. Similarly, suppliers may now provide their SCIP ID numbers and relevant SCIP details, like TARIC codes and Material and Mixture Categories to their customers.


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