GDX For Suppliers

Green Data Exchange (GDX) is an online system that allows you to author and share compliance information with your customers.

Declare any type of article, including off-the-shelf, custom, bulk materials, modules, components, etc.

Secure sharing and policy controls allow you to choose what information is shared and not disclose your proprietary materials.


Reduce your compliance costs

Improve the quality of data you provide to customers.

Increase responsiveness to customer compliance inquiries.

Improve your supplier rating.

Why Should I Use GDX?

Manage Your Compliance Data in a Central Place

Wouldn't you rather enter data once and then share that with everyone, in the format they prefer? Why get tied up in lots of different formats? It also becomes much easier to keep your data up-to-date as the regulations change.

Easy to Use

Declare online using our easy to follow forms. No more typing in substance names and CAS numbers or dealing with complicated xml formats. You can even declare family series parts.

Automatic Validation

GDX will check your declarations to ensure you are providing correct and complete data to your customers.

A Better Way to Share with your Customers

All of your customers using GDX will receive your declarations immediately. No more back and forth email. You can also share with non-GDX customers and generate data in a number of formats, such as to aspreadsheet or 1752 xml. You can even publish data to your website.

Managed Infrastructure

GDX takes care of managing all the regulations, SVHCs, exemptions, substance groups, regulatory versions. Access to a complete online substance master, with substance names and chemical identifiers.

It's Free!

That's right, you can manage declaration data in GDX at no cost.

Frequently asked questions

Register for your free account, and review the online training resources, including tutorial videos and help.

Yes, we offer services a full range of affordable supplier support services. Contact Us to learn more.

Yes, you can import individual 1752 xml files or perform bulk import of multiple files at once.

Yes, GDX provides the neccessary functionality to report SCIP data to your customers.

No, there is no limit to the number of parts you can declare. Note also that the system supports family series parts, allowing a single declaration that can be applied to an entire family of parts.

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