Compliance simplified


Green Data Exchange (GDX) is an online system that connects you to suppliers to obtain the information you need for environmental compliance, social responsibility, supplier assessment, and other company objectives.

Leverage a vast repository of millions of supplier declarations.

View the compliance of your products, quickly identify problems, and generate a Certificate of Compliance.


Regulations are constantly changing. Why chase down data from your suppliers over and over again? Instead, GDX streams updates to you immediately upon publishing by your suppliers.

Analyze Product Compliance

Identify non-compliant, high risk parts, and gaps in supplier data.

  • View charts, generate reports.​
  • Create custom substance lists and regulations to comply with specific regional or customer requirements or perform what-if analysis.
  • Search for any substance used in your products or item master.
  • Create custom substance groups for searching and analysis.
  • Drill down into any part.​

Publish & Share Compliance Data

Generate customized product level Certificates of Compliance on your company letterhead.

  • SCIP Integration – publish data to SCIP.
  • Generate a product level substance disclosure report.
  • Publish compliance data to your company website.

Comprehensive Compliance Data from Suppliers

All the compliance data you need. Compliance status, exemptions.

  • Certificates of Compliance.
  • Full Material Disclosure (FMD) substance data.
  • Conflict Minerals CMRT, smelters.
  • Lifecycle status.
  • Get a head start on your compliance program by tapping into existing supplier declarations.

Connect to your Suppliers

Invite any of your suppliers to join GDX. Free for suppliers.

  • Part requests – track and manage correspondence with your suppliers from within GDX.
  • Issue a request from within GDX.
  • Supplier Registry – standardized supplier names, contacts, and information.
  • Supplier data validation – all supplier data is validated by GDX.
  • Receive clean, normalized and actionable data.

Managed Infrastructure

GDX keeps you up-to-date with the latest regulations and definitions.

  • REACH and RoHS regulations, including substances, substance groups, exemptions, versions, and more.
  • Regulatory exemptions, with names, codes, and versions.
  • Conflict Minerals surveys, smelters, and more.
  • Complete substance master of industry standard chemicals and substances, with substance names, and Chemical Abstract Numbers (CAS).

Integrate To Your Enterprise​

Automatically import the latest bills of materials and parts from your enterprise system.

  • Automatically publish compliance data and custom data from GDX to your enterprise system.
  • Ready to use Integration Adapters are available for most commercial PLM and ERP systems.
  • Publish data from GDX to your company website.
  • Full api available for complete customization.

Choose the perfect plan

Pilot Edition

Tailored for smaller organizations and evaluating GDX on a pilot project​
Only $ 600
00 Per Month
  • Evaluate GDX on a pilot project. Also for small businesses and suppliers with a limited number of parts.
  • Access existing supplier declarations.
  • Includes all built-in regulations such as REACH, Conflict Minerals, RoHS, Modern Slavery.
  • Limited to 2,000 parts.
  • Managed Services available to assist you with your compliance program.
  • Upgrade your subscription to the GDX Enterprise Edition at your convenience.
  • Includes 5 Users.

Enterprise Edition

Comprehensive solution for your enterprise
Starting at $ 800
00 Per Month
  • Includes built-in regulations such as REACH, Conflict Minerals, RoHS, Modern Slavery, and more.
  • Create custom substance lists and regulations.
  • Product Compliance Analysis
  • Support for unlimited bills of materials and hierarchy.
  • Generate custom Certificate of Compliance for your products.
  • Part search and filtering.
  • Communicate directly with suppliers to request compliance information.
  • Invite your suppliers to declare online.​
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Scalable to any size organization.
  • Create separate workspaces for your business units.​
  • Supports off-the-shelf and custom parts.
  • Managed Services available to assist you with your compliance program.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can generate a Certificate of Compliance for any product or bom. Customize it with your company letterhead and content. Utilize GDX api’s to publish it on your company website.

Yes, integrations are available for a variety of systems. Integrations automate the loading of parts and boms into GDX, as well as summary compliance data back to your PLM system.

Yes, GDX provides you with access to a wealth of existing supplier declarations so you can focus on the gaps. GDX users frequently obtain 75% of their data immediately. Contact us for a complimentary analysis of your parts list and we will provide you with an estimate.

Yes, GDX provides an integration to SCIP so you can meet your reporting obligations.

GDX is free for suppliers and makes it easier for suppliers to share data with customers. If your supplier won’t author data in GDX, you can self-declare the data or utilize our affordable support services.

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