Comprehensive services to support your programs

Want help? Take advantage of our services to leverage our expertise and free valuable in-house staff.

Supplier Engagement

With our Supplier Engagement service, our staff will manage your supplier facing activity. Our team can invite new suppliers to GDX, manage requests for information, follow up with your suppliers. Our most popular service, esp. for companies without a dedicated compliance staff.

Program Management

Get assistance in setting up your program, whether environmental compliance, supplier assessment, sustainability, or related supply chain activity. Services can be customized and can include program setup, ongoing management, periodic program review, risk assessment, customer support, supplier review, report generation, internal training, and more. Contact us for further information.

Advisory Services

Our advisory services include periodic updates on the latest regulations, requirements that pertain to your company and industry, and recommendations for working with your customers and suppliers. You may also want to subscribe to our blog to stay abreast of the latest regulations.

Get Started On Your Compliance Program

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