We provide solutions to help companies meet environmental compliance, social responsibility, and sustainability objectives

Our Green Data Exchange (GDX) platform connects companies with suppliers to obtain real-time, actionable supply chain data to meet a growing array of corporate and regulatory obligations.
Leverage existing supplier declarations in GDX to achieve compliance faster and easier.

Evaluate the compliance of your products

Quickly assess compliance of any product to a regulation, including custom regulations that you define.


Compliance data published by your suppliers is immediately available to you within GDX. Reduce back and forth email. Manage information requests within GDX.


GDX keeps track of the latest regulations so you don’t have to. It includes definitions for regulations and versions, substances of high concern, a comprehensive chemical substance master, exemption lists, smelters, and other information you need to assess compliance.

Some of our features

Access Existing Compliance Data

Instantly obtain compliance declarations and substance disclosure for millions of parts.

Supplier Data Validation

GDX automatically checks all supplier declarations for accuracy and completeness.

Stay Compliant

GDX takes care of staying-up-to-date with the latest regulations.

SCIP Reporting

Publish declarations to SCIP.

Create Custom Regulations

Assess product compliance to regulations you create in order to meet customer requirements or perform forward looking analysis.

Analyze Product Compliance

To REACH, RoHS, Conflict Minerals, Prop 65, and more.

Publish Compliance Reports

Generate a Certificate of Compliance and material content reports for your products.

Connect to your Suppliers

Invite any of your suppliers to join GDX. Manage communications within GDX.

Evaluate Suppliers

Assess your suppliers using key metrics available in GDX.

Integrate with your PLM System

Synchronize your boms, item master. View compliance status directly in your PLM environment.


Comprehensive services to support your compliance program

Want help? We can assist you with any aspect of your program, including supplier engagement, reporting, and program management. Take advantage of our services to leverage our expertise and free valuable in-house staff.

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