ECHA Replaces SCIP Requirements Documentation

The advent of the production version of the SCIP database, launched on October 28, has brought several changes both to the database itself, but also to the requirements for authoring or creating a SCIP notification dossier.

Previously, SCIP requirements were communicated by ECHA in a September 2019 document titled, “Detailed information requirements for the SCIP database.” This document has now been replaced by “Requirements for SCIP notifications,” (version 1.0) published in October, 2020.

Q Point encourages familiarization with the SCIP database and SCIP notification requirements in order that a supplier may utilize Green Data Exchange (GDX) and its new SCIP notification feature set in order to disclose SVHC usage to ECHA and to customers requesting details for their own SCIP notifications.

The new requirements document may be found on the ECHA SCIP Support page along with other useful SCIP orientation materials. The direct link for the new requirements document may be found here.

Green Data Exchange (GDX) provides a real-time environment, with access to the latest compliance information from your suppliers, including SCIP requirements. Connect with your suppliers and parts to get the latest compliance data, like SCIP notification requirements, delivered to you. Learn more about GDX today at

Please continue to check the Q Point Technology Blog for recent news on regulations and GDX feature updates, including SCIP updates.


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