ECHA Plans Database on Articles Containing Candidate List Substances

On July 11, 2018, ECHA announced plans for a new database for declaration of information related to articles containing Candidate List Substances. Declarations would be submitted by companies “producing, importing, or selling articles that contain Candidate List substances.”

For use by waste operators and consumers, this new database is being established in accordance with recent updates to 2008/98/EC, the Waste Framework Directive. Changes to the Waste Framework Directive passed on May 22, 2018 and set new targets for reuse and recycling of municipal waste. The database should “help waste operators in treating waste and recycling materials.”

Intention of the database is to help inform consumers to make safer choices, driving safe substitutes to market and “improve the risk management of chemicals during waste recovery” and “promote non-toxic material cycles.”

Current plans indicate the creation of the database by the end of 2019 with companies submitting data by the end of 2020. Note that if you are already using Q Point’s Green Data Exchange, you are already collecting the data and information that you would need to declare information on the use of SVHC in your articles.

Q Point will continue to follow developments on the new database and will post updates to this blog. For companies looking to collect data on Candidate List substances and usage within their own supply chain, please see our website for more details on Q Point’s solution, Green Data Exchange. For more information on the database, please see ECHA’s press release here or information on the Waste Framework Directive here.


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