Yes, you can generate a Certificate of Compliance for any product or bom. Customize it with your company letterhead and content. Utilize GDX api’s to publish it on your company website.

Yes, integrations are available for a variety of systems. Integrations automate the loading of parts and boms into GDX, as well as summary compliance data back to your PLM system.

Yes, GDX provides you with access to a wealth of existing supplier declarations so you can focus on the gaps. GDX users frequently obtain 75% of their data immediately. Contact us for a complimentary analysis of your parts list and we will provide you with an estimate.

Yes, GDX provides an integration to SCIP so you can meet your reporting obligations.

GDX is free for suppliers and makes it easier for suppliers to share data with customers. If your supplier won’t author data in GDX, you can self-declare the data or utilize our affordable support services.

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